Why You Shouldn’t Get Too Obsessed With Your Geo Domains

This post will highlight why you shouldn’t get too obsessed with your Geo domains.

Point 1

Some of these end users don’t know what EXACTLY domain is. Some feel once they have their domain they don’t need another (well, they may be right). So people like this, how can you convince them to buy another “website”? Mind you, you may not be selling website to them, but remember they are not as knowledgeable about the issue as you are, so they won’t think like you do. Therefore imagine investing your time to build up a mini website, and then they will be telling you “I already have my own website”, or no reply.

Point 2

Sometimes we may have the mindset that some end users are the previous owners of a geo domain, hence, they need to pay high amount to get it back. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter if he was the previous owner, he might have purchased it then for $8. Do you think he will now pay $8k, $5k or even $1k for it? I doubt. Don’t get obsessed with who the previous owner was.

Point 3

We may also feel like the city is very populous so if we don’t get some mid or high 3 figures, we won’t sell. Mesa has over 500,000 population but I have seen Mesa + decent keywords failing to sell even after several price reductions. This applies to several other cities. I have personal experience with a city of very high population plus flooring (City + Flooring), I had to settle for low 3 figures to sell it. Don’t get obsessed with the population.

Point 4

Also, Geo domains typically have several alternatives an end user can settle for. For instance you have MesaPoolandSpa.com and you are demanding for mid or high 3 figures, available alternatives are: MesaPoolSpa.com, PoolandSpaMesa.com, MesaCustomPoolandSpa.com, all most of them could be available. Your end user can decide to register any of them at registration fee ($8) if you are too demanding, and any of those domain could serve the same purpose.

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My verdict is;

You should start your geo pricing high. If it doesn’t click at a higher price, never hesitate to reduce price, this will definitely increase your chances of sale. Sell at that price. Then buy more, see the ones that sell at high price. The ones that didn’t, reduce price and sell low. Rinse and Repeat!


Geo Domain is not your inheritance, sell when you have the chance! lol.


Determination of what is low price in this context is subject to perception. What I consider low is between 100-200/250.

I hope you can share one or two view with me on why you shouldn’t get too obsessed with your Geo domains.

Take Care!





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  1. Lovely insight as always! One of the things I always tell myself concerning a domain is, can or will I renew this domain if I don’t sell it after a year? That perspective will guide me towards a sale. Cash flow like you always say is important.

    1. Sure. Cash flow is the key, in whatever type of domaining you are engaged in.

  2. True. I once outbounded for the domain Miamiroofingexperts.com, the buyer offered 150 dollars which i countered, unknown to me he registered Miamiroofingexpert.com. Sell when it’s hot.

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