Why I Always Add Price in My Sales Letter

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. This post will brief on the reasons why I always add price in my sales Letter. You can check out my previous post on Outbound strategy here
The advantage of sending email without price is that you can get more money from the domain (probably), but I believe it works for premium domains or atleast good domains that have less or no alternative. Not this type of hand reg geos (mind you, some people don’t add price, so I’m not saying it doesn’t work).
Whereas adding price will make enduser decide immediately or faster.
Use yourself as example, if for instance you see a nice shoe on Facebook, then the seller add price of 5k, and you have 4k, you will comfortably find 1k to buy or ask for discount.
But if the seller didn’t add price, I bet you will be afraid to ask considering the shoe is too nice and you will think it’s way beyond your 4k budget. That’s why i always add price.
Like I stated above, it makes endusers decide quicker. I have seen a practical example where someone sold domain for $599. His first email, he didn’t add price. Second email, he sent with a price. Below is what the enduser replied after getting email with a price.
How many of these scenarios would have happened without our knowledge?
I asked why people wouldn’t simply take a line to add price in their letter, below is a reason given;

The reason is, not including a price can get you responses of price inquiries, which is an indication of interest. It gives one hope at least. But when you include price, responses are scarce. Often times you’ll get no response.

Below was my response;

I heard numerous stories of price inquiry, then enduser will go mute.

Had it been I included price, he wouldn’t have replied me and put some bit of false hope in me.

With price, they clearly see it written, if they are willing to pay, they will just buy without any long talk.
Also, with price (follow up reduction), they will feel they can negotiate down to their pocket. However, without price, they can simply ignore thinking it will be way beyond their pocket.

From the enduser’s reply above, you will know it’s the scenario stated above that happened.

More of my response;
One can say you have price in your landing page. But note that, most of them don’t click a random link (I personally do not click a random link sent to me from a cold email), for their own safety.
Now you can see some reasons why I always add price in my sales letter. So add price and open room for offer.
Take Care!
How is your experience with adding/not adding price?
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  1. Great points. I have recently started including price in all my first outbounds.

  2. I did that recently and got a sale, so I’m sticking to that sales letter pattern for now, I also give room for “make offer” to end users too during outbound.

    1. Pls. Can you send me your sale letter sample to my this mail bennytechno1@gmail.com

      I have not been able to make a sale of any of my domains..

    2. Please do you include make offer on your sales letter too or just the landing page?

      1. I mention price and ask to make offer

  3. Aisab, thanks for sharing. Succinct as usual.

    Well, after the scenerio you referenced occurred, I decided to be including “price” in my outbound email. With that, I’d know a serious prospect. Not those ones that will just ask for price just to satisfy their curiosity!

    1. Once again.. lovely website

      What I have noticed is adding price in the first email, usually makes your mail look spamy. I have tested it several times sending mails to my other gmail accounts, I noticed the mail get lost at times/ or enters very very late, my display image won’t show also, whereas sending the first email without price enters my other mails like the speed of light with everything intact. That’s just my personal observation.

      Thanks Ikhalyfah.. Great dude

      1. I’ll advise you also review your sales letter if you haven’t done that. Thanks

  4. Adding price is far better than not including it. Have had better responses and sales simply because I added price.

    Adding price is a must for me.

    1. Glad Adding price works for you. Thanks

  5. Pls I will also be grateful if u can send me sample domain sales letter when price is added.

    You are really doing a great job. Thanks Sir

  6. Nice points. I have started putting price in sales letter. I still get price inquiry even after putting adding price in sales letter.

  7. Great post but I must say that it has its disadvantage too because it happen to me of recent, I didn’t put price and the buyer asked for a call which i did and I asked for his offer on phone and his offer is more higher than what i would have put inside my letter. Thank for sharing.

  8. Great post boss,I will be so grateful if you can send me the copy of your sales later e-mail: yusufadeniyi5@gmail.com

  9. Great post boss,I will be so grateful if you can send me the copy of your sales letter e-mail: yusufadeniyi5@gmail.com

  10. Good Morning Boss, pls you’re yet to send me the copy of your sales letter as requested. I’m still looking forward to receive the sales letter. Thanks in anticipation

    1. Sorry, please let me have the email again

  11. Nice post bro. I prefer adding price to my second mail.

  12. Hi bro. Kindly send me a copy of your sales letter. Thanks

  13. Thanks boss, your post have been very helpful. Please do you add your contact details in your outbound email. Like ur USA line? Please send a copy to me let me see, mail below


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