When it seems not to be working?

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello.

It’s been a while since my last update. I trust everybody is doing fine. I’ve been on a break for a while, however I was back the past few weeks.

Is there a moment in your geo domaining journey that you feel like everything is not going alright? Like your efforts are all in vain? When it seems not to be working?


This could happen due to reasons like; a prolonged sales drought, alot of negative responses, or even no response despite sending a lot of emails, among others. If you have never been in such situations before, lucky you! I have been and I trust a lot of geo domainers can relate.

I’m writing this post to highlight and share what I do When it seems not to be working for me.

My longest sales drought is still on 3 weeks, and it has happened more than twice, however, whenever I find myself in a drought, below is some things I do to see through such quite unavoidable moments;

  • I do not lose hope, I remain optimistic throughout, for indeed, everything comes with time. And when the time is due, it shall happen!
  • I usually try to put in a little more effort (outbounding, follow ups, more purchases) in the first few moments, however, if I do not see a change, I take a step back to relax, observe and re-strategise. I noticed being hard on yourself brings no result, infact, it only weakens you and you may eventually loose focus. Thereafter, a draught of 3weeks could become 3months if you loose focus.
  • What I mean by take a step back in above point is, I reduce my efforts to relax my mind. I reduce number of follow ups to allow endusers a breathing space, lol. I reduce amount of geo purchase in order not to burden myself, instead of trying to reduce the stress.
  • And whenever I take a step back, I do not sit ideal, I continue my brandable exploration. I engage on brandable research, I dig ED for brandable names, I continue my SH journey, and I purchase quite good number of brandables.
  • Then I observe my outboundable pattern, lead source, sales letters, etc and make changes where necessary. Usually I do not make alot of changes because most of the times the fault is not from my method, it simply was not time for me to sell. I said this because, there are times I go 2-3 weeks without a sale, and end up selling 5-6 names in a week. October was an example, I went 2-3weeks without a sale, and then sold 3 in 2 days. So be patient and understand it’s all about perfect timing for everything.
  • Again, I do not lose hope, I remain optimistic throughout, for indeed, everything comes with time. And when the time is due, it shall happen!
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I hope you enjoy the read!

Let me know your longest draught and how you usually cope When it seems not to be working for you.

Take care!


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  1. Nice post aisab, more grease to your elbow. My longest is 30 days but I keep with the hope of a sales will change things. Why are you No longer make sales report on here and Nairaland?? At least to motivate newbie like me.

    1. Hi, thank you.
      Now that I’m fully back to domaining, I’ll continue to monthly report

  2. Thanks bro for this
    Because of sales drought am always afraid to continue purchase of new names..

    1. I buy new names to keep me busy, but definitely not as much as i buy when i make sales. However, There is always a time i close buying when i see no sales

  3. Bro please can i have a sample of your sales letter
    .. My email is shoyeleolumide@gmail.com

    Though i have some sales letter i normally use but i dnt tink dey r good enough… Thank u

  4. Purchase if you have the funds.

  5. I’m a little bit discouraged because I joined domaining in August, and up till now I’m yet to have my first sales, with twelve domains in my portfolio,(11 Geo and one brandable). at a time I used to ask myself, am I getting anything wrong?., but with this msg I’m encouraged and I believe my time will soon come

    1. Hello,
      Don’t give up. It might take a year. Persistence is key

    2. Keep on pushing, as far as u don’t give up, a time will come when you will be hitting it back to back

    3. Lol… You don’t have to be discouraged. It took me 1yr and 4months to get my first sale. While I was waiting for it, I kept on buying names whenever I have the funds. Keep pushing bro, your next buy might be the next sale.


  6. Thank you for this post Ikhalyfah…..I’m also experiencing such, but In shaa Allah lots of sales are around the corner.

  7. Currently experiencing my longest sales drought, last sales was in July, had an agreement with an end-user via Dan recently but buyer didn’t pay after a month, so deal got cancelled! still believing and reading more!! Thanks Boss

  8. Thanks a lot for this post, I really feel encouraged now.
    I have some names that I have outbound for, quality names and some end users endup pricing low but can’t give up matter the situation I will rather increase the price to the initial price I fixed.

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