What I Look Out For Before Buying A Geo Domain

Hello and Assalamu Alaykum. This post will brief on What I Look Out For Before Buying A Geo Domain.

Honestly, buying a geo domain is not as difficult as selling them. There are various factors to check before buying a geo domain, however, not all of these factors must be satisfied before I settle on buying a geo.

What do I personally look out for before buying a geo domain? I have categorized them into primary and secondary factors.

Note: This is my personal experience/consideration that has been working for me, not a general rule!

Geo Domains

Primary Factors:

  1. Keyword: I have to make sure the keyword is good. I try to avoid some niches/keywords like Medical (eg Therapist, Surgeon, Doctor, etc), Banking and Finance (eg Banker, Banking, Financial Agency, Accountants, etc) and some other niches (please I may be posting some of these niches I avoid (or like) when I compile them, therefore I will be skipping questions about them).
  2. Keyword Placement: Generally, I feel more comfortable buying City + keyword (rather than keyword + city). I have roughly just about 15% keyword + city in my portfolio (of over 90 geos).
  3. Number of end users: My personal minimum target is about 20. However, if I really like the keyword, I can settle for less than 15 (I have sold couple of geos with less than 15 end users)
  4. That’s it! The 3 points above are the primary factors I consider. Most of my domains satisfy these factors. However, sometimes I try to incorporate some secondary factors listed below

Secondary Factors:

  1. History: I check when the domain is first registered and what has it been used for. If I see it was used as a Chinese site, I usually ignore the domain (only if I’m not fully convinced with the keywords).
  2. That’s it! History is my only secondary factor.
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Factors others might consider:

  1. Number of backlinks.
  2. If it was recently listed for sale.
  3. etc


Hope this little piece is informative. You can also read on some brandable tips here.

You can comment what makes you buy a geo domain whenever you come across one. Hopefully I and other readers can learn from your strategy.

Take care!


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  1. I love to buy Geos with 30+ end users but most of the time I lose them to dropcatch.
    Dropcatch has been a problem for me.

    1. Sure, Dropcatch have been involved in Geo lately. Nonetheless, good ones drop daily. You just have to be on alert daily.

  2. In terms of end-users, please how do you go about it.

    I usually make use of Bing
    But sometimes when I post the Geo+Keyword,I get confused on who to really go after

      1. Nice one boss, thanks.

        Do I need other things?

        Like a foreign number and all that….

        In your view,do you feel having those influences sales?

        1. It doesn’t contribute much to my sales. However, having it makes keeps you ready whenever enduser request for call

      2. How do you go about that

  3. This is great!
    Nevertheless, do I need a custom email to make sales?

    I have a couple of geos in my pf and I’m yet to make any sales. Could it be as a result of me using my normal Gmail?

    And lastly, do you mind if I list some of my names here for you to appraise if they’re good? Thanks.

    1. I use Gmail. I don’t even have any intention of using custom mails

    2. You can email me ikhalyfah at Gmail.com for the names. Don’t post here

  4. Apart from using crawled pages on Archive, how else to know if a name was once listed for sale?

    1. That’s the only tool I know of.

      But another is, when you purchase and try to list in popular marketplaces like Dan and afternic, you could see that someone has already listed and let it expire. However, this method is only after you have purchased the name, though you can test before buying the Domain too.

  5. what about length of domain, or location + keyword + services

    1. Once the city and keywords are good. Then I don’t consider length much.

      1. I know population is always considered for city. Please how do I know a good keyword. Thanks

        1. By following sales report, u will see niches that sell.

          1. Nice post boss. Please can you please educate me on how to use Google map…

  6. You’re doing a great job boss, keep it up

  7. Lovely Bro. I will encourage us to search for The Keywords in Google, Bing And DuckDuckGo. When DuckDuckGo to be precise, try to type your domain with .com and you will see something’s.

    I pray for GRACE for Everyone.

  8. Nice on man….few questions

    1) How is your pricing like?..like what range do you price most of your geos?

    2) are most of your domains sold after follow up or the first mail?

    3) how long do you wait before the first follow up?

    1. 1. I start from 699-399 depending on how good I perceive the domain is.
      2. Most are after 2-4 follow up
      3. Around 2 weeks (considering I have enough domains to keep me busy)

  9. Nice post, I’m new to domaining. I’ll be grateful if anybody could give me pointers or mentor me if possibel

  10. Hi. Thank you for all you are doing, this is great content you’re putting out. But i just want to ask,do you go the extramile to find an end user’s / a company CEO’s last name when sending a sales letter?

    1. No I don’t do that. Else I can spend days on one domain without guarantee that i will get the mails

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