What I do that keeps me moving in Geo domaining

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. This post will highlight some of the things I do that keeps me moving in Geo domaining despite all the challenges. You can also Read here on my Outbound strategy.


1. Prayer, prayer, prayer.. it cannot be overemphasized.

2. Passion: When i started, it was not only for the money but I also had the passion for it. Since my childhood I had passion in computer stuffs, so domaining is part of my skills now as a passion.

2. Patience: Imaging selling 10 domains in 1 month and the next 2 months not selling? So you must be patient to keep going.

3. Follow up: Don’t relent on following up, but do it wisely so it won’t be spam, maybe twice every month (depending on how many domains u have to Outbound).

4. Reduce price: i don’t hesitate reducing price to Outbound, selling 7$ domain for 150$ is definitely a great ROI (in cases of geo domains). I don’t get greedy really. If i “need” a sale, i let domain go for 100-150. Sometimes I let them go for that amount just to maintain flow and confidence/morale. I usually get lot of sales if I price it so (100-150-250), which will definitely compensate for waiting for that 500-400 that may never come (may never come in the sense that u can contact 100 users, no response, so u have no choice than reduce price). However, I traditional start outbounding my newly acquired domains at high 3figures, just incase someone is willing to pay at that range.

5. Taking risk: when I started, it was with my pocket money, I didn’t mind buying from promo and reducing my expenses and all. Now it has definitely paid off. Up till now I risk buying.

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6. Buying only geo I “fall in love” with: that will give me more zeal to keep following up until sold. I currently have names i never “fell in love” with, so i see it as a burden to follow up for them.

7. Always have a mentor in this business that you can run to when you have an issue (especially private issue) you want help with. But please do that smartly, do not bombard them since they may have their own activities going on. Always do your assignment before contacting them.

8. Seeing sales reports particularly on geo domains.

Above are some of the points I do that keeps me moving in Geo domaining.
Let me stop here. You can comment what you believe keeps you going in this geo domaining.

Take care!


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  1. Great Content Boss, always eager to read your posts.
    You’ve highlighted almost everything but one of the thing that keeps me going is seeing fellow Nigerians sale,Namepros sales don’t really shack me like seeing a Nigerian report sales.

    1. That is very correct. In fact a very important factor to keep one going. Seeing sales report from fellow Nigerians definitely will keep you going

      1. Hi. Please when you sell an name that is registered somewhere else, say Dynadot, on EPIK market do you pay to transfer the name to your EPIK first before pushing to the buyers EPIK account? Thanks

        1. I hardly use epik for sales, but the few times I did, buyer opened account with my registrar so i didn’t transfer

          1. Thank you. That was prompt.

  2. Please type of heading do you usually give your outbound emails?

    1. The keywords in the domain name

  3. Great Content
    Keep it up!

  4. Great read. Thanks for sharing

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