The Sales Letter Review: Part 2

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. This post titled “The Sales Letter Review: Part 2” will look into the necessary information that is required in your sales letter, and also point out some unnecessary details. This is a continuation of the previous post. Let’s continue…

NOTE: This is just a personal perception and you may not agree with some of the write-up. It’s okay, you can comment what you feel is right so we can all learn.


*Do not include or mention too much benefits/metrics

It’s good to mention the benefits that can be derived from the domain name. However, in your quest to shorten the letter as much as possible, you can skip that or mention just one benefit. Allow the enduser to request for some stats or metrics before listing them.

Below is the only benefit I mention in my letter (and this is more like usage than benefit);

You can use it by linking it to your current website while maintaining your brand identity or build another massive website on it.


*Mention Clearly how and where the enduser can purchase the domain

Above is a sales letter I received from a fellow domainer. In my mind I felt like this person is not ready to sell. First, he is telling me I own a similar domain, most endusers we feel like “why do I need something very similar for higher price when I purchased mine for $12”. But notice he didn’t include price, if the enduser is to reply and the person quotes $xxx most likely he won’t hear from the enduser again.

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Secondly, he mentioned he can send me more info. I feel he is now ready to spam me more. This is just my thoughts. I don’t know how endusers will react.

Try as much to state how endusers can go with acquisition in the shortest statement possible. In my journey of domaining, I’ve noticed most endusers don’t like much talk. Engaging them in conversation is good, but from experience, the longer the conversation last, the narrower your chances of closing the deal becomes.

Example of what I use

To get it now for just $499, visit


I use this format;

  • Name
  • Company and Company position
  • Foreign phone number

You can include LinkedIn profile if it’s fully functional and Facebook too.


“The Sales Letter Review: Part 2” will stop here.

Do you have anything to add? Do let me know!


Take Care!


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  1. Nice, thanks for sharing.

  2. Well done bro, can you please help with a kind of sales letter that can be used for newyorksolarservices//king and what price do you think I should attach to it ? Thanks in advance

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