The Journey so far after 21 Months

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. This post titled “The journey so far after 21 months” will look into my 21 months journey in the domaining industry. 28th April 2021 was the day I clocked exactly 21 Months.


In this post I’ll be providing a breakdown of my journey in the highlighted points below. I hope the analysis will be insightful.

  • My first domain acquisition was on 28th July, 2019 via GoDaddy Discount at about $6. The domain name was picked from ED
  • My First sale came one month later on 29th August, 2019. The domain sold was CBD//Legal//Firm/com. I held the domain for 3 weeks.
  • I’ve now sold a total of 147 domains within the period of 21 months.

Some of the sold Domain names in 2021;

Roofing Contractor LA .com

Tinting Newyork .com

Modesto Ad Agency. Com

  • My first sale was $125 via platform. And my 147th sale was $150 via platform.
  • This gives an average of 7 sales per month.
  • My highest number of sales in a month is 17 sales. This occurred in March 2021.
  • Out of the 147 sales, 72.8% occurred through, 11.6% occurred through, 10.2% through GoDaddy auction platform and 5.4% through afternic.
  • Out of the total 147 sales, 88.4% are Geo domains (representing 130 of the total 147), 11.6% are brandables+EMDs (representing 17 of the total 147).

Some of the sold Domain names in 2021;

  • Jacksonville Banner .com
  • Seattle Private Investigation. Com
  • Montreal Towing Service. Com
  • My highest selling price for a geo domain so far is $699
  • The highest selling price for a brandable so far is $600
  • Most successful niche is Law niche.
  • I’ve sold a law domain in each of the past 17 months.
  • My most successful cities are from the state of California. Interestingly, I’ve had only one sale from city of Los Angeles.
  • My most sold domains in a day is 4 sales. This occurred twice in March, 2021 and April, 2021, to 4 different buyers.
  • My longest period without a sale is 3 weeks. This occurred 3 times over the past 21 Months.

Some of the sold Domain names in 2021;

Columbus Power Washing .com

South Florida Impact Doors. Com

Custom home builder Dallas. Com

  • I currently hold a total of over 330 domains. This is a combination of SH owned domains, my SH listed domains, Alter listed domains, and listed domains.
  • I have a total of 160 premium domains at Squadhelp. Out of which 89 are SH owned and 71 are mine.
  • I own 0 domains at
  • I currently own a total of 115 Geo Domains.
  • My STR in 2021 is currently at 92%. This means I’ve sold 46 domains, and I’ve purchased 50 domains in the year 2021.
  • However, some of the sold domains were purchased in 2020.
  • Estimated 95% of my sales were from Googlemap leads
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Additional Info:

  • I currently use 14 different email addresses for Outbound.
  • I follow up on a name at least 5 times over a period of 2 months before abandoning it.
  • I do initial outbound even during closing hours, however, I restrict follow up during working hours (USA time).
  • I don’t buy much geo domains at a time.
  • I’ve sold quite good number of domains from reoutbound. Always try to reoutbound your domains after some months.

Some of the Sold Domain names in 2021:

  • Roofing Contractor LA .com
  • Tinting Newyork .com
  • Modesto Ad Agency. Com
  • Jacksonville Banner .com
  • Seattle Private Investigation. Com
  • Montreal Towing Service. Com
  • Columbus Power Washing .com
  • South Florida Impact Doors. Com


I’ll stop here. I hope this statistics are insightful and reader will find a way to learn one or two things from this data.

To some, my journey might be a failure (considering they have had far more success within the same period of 21 months since they started), to others this is a huge success, but to me, this is everything.

I’m forever grateful to Allah for this achievement.

More sales to us all. I wish us a better second quarter of 2021!

Take Care!


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  1. Very impressive stats you have there. Congratulations!!!

  2. Congratulations sir

  3. More wins sir

  4. Congratulations

  5. Great Insight, If this doesn’t motivate you(in domain flipping), i don’t know what will. Thanks for sharing Sir

  6. God bless you

  7. Aiyemowa Emmanuel

    Congratulations Sir .

  8. Also got my 1st sales after 3-months with 4domains. Now I hope I can invest and also replicate this achievement of yours.

  9. Sunday Abasiama Etim

    Congratulations boss.. You’re doing great

  10. Very inspiring, but how are you doing it because I only sold one domain name ever since I started. I have sent several outbound but no sales. I started reading your articles from last month and I have adjusted in the places I need to. Please guide me

  11. Thank you for this. You’re doing real good!

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