Stick with what works for you!

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello! Eid Mubarak to you all.

Trust everyone is doing good and the business is going fine for everyone. The post is titled Stick with what works for you!

I’ve been away from the industry for several months. The last time I was active was October, 2021.


Stick with what works for you

First, I’ll start by repeating the popular statement “Stick with what works for you”. I disobeyed the rule for a second time and had to face the consequences. In an attempt to simplify some outbounding processes, I ignored my All-Manual and started focusing on automated method. However, it didn’t turn out good and I had to deal with spam issues, less quality leads and overall less effective outbound. It all led to sales drought. This made me took my usual break, but It was a rather long break because during the break I got caught up with school activities, so I extended my break and focused on school. This was between Oct to Dec, 2021.

In January, I resumed but unfortunately lost my main domaining phone and my harddrive also crashed around the same time. I had to go off again to focus on my school project until the February Asuu strike occurred. During the first month of the strike I continued my project, but after it was rolled over, I suspended school activities and focused on how to continue domaining.

I was able to retrieve my Dan (and other marketplaces) account, all my emails and registry accounts were restored. I was fully ready to resume, but had to delay again because of Ramadan. Now, I believe I’m fully ready to resume.

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Although I wasn’t active, I did find time to search for brandables on ED and made some few investments during that period.


General Advice/ Guidelines

* Stick with what works for you. please note that this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try other methods and strategies. However, always remember what has been working for you and focus on “perfecting” it. For newbies, keep on trying until you find that method that gives you consistent sales.

* Always follow up. Don’t be shy, keep following up. Follow up is DEFINITELY the key!

* Buy sellable names. I personally do not buy a lot of names. I put more effort on follow up (because that has been my “soap”) than new acquisitions. I can go a month with just about 5 purchases and double that figure in sales. However, everybody has his own method.

* Learn brandables and invest on them once in a while even if you are a full time Geo domainer! I got my first brandable sale at $2,304 at SH on 6 months installment. Details of sale will follow after all payments received or on default.

* You should have offline investments (IYKYK).

* After recent analysis, I found out that my best niches are Law and custom home builders. Sold about 40 and 20 names respectively.


Current portfolio

Geos = About 170

Brandables= about 250

Others= about 50


Niches you can check out

Home inspection

Property management

Travel agency



Custom Home Builders

Lawyer/Attorney (Probate, Bankruptcy)

Sign Company/ Sign Shop

Insurance Broker

Reverse Mortgage

Sedation/Family Dentist

Fishing Charter

IT services

Deck Builders

Plastic Surgery

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Hopefully I’m back and active from this week. More sales to us all!


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  1. Welcome Back

  2. Thanks for this detailed piece.

    Sorry for your losses, and I pray you’ll recover everything and more.

    Welcome back. Expecting to read posts from you.

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