Some Tools I Regularly Use

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. This post will brief on some tools I regularly use to make research on domain acquisition, pricing and sales.

Note: This is not a paid promotion of any website or tool

What are these tools?


I use this website to source for deleted expired domains and domains pending delete. Also, the site contains a list of GoDaddy Closeouts, GoDaddy auctions, SnapNames Auctions, DropCatch Auction and domains from various other platforms. This is a website almost (if not) all domainers in the world use.



This specific thread (click here to visit thread) discuss extensively on Domaining and particularly on Geo domaining. It is arguably the biggest domaining community in Nigeria. We have alot of experienced and veteran Nigeria domainers share their experience there. I can beat my chest to say, you won’t see valuable information regarding domaining compiled in one place more than what you will see in that thread.

I use nairaland to get up-to-date information regarding domaining, registrars, payment methods and sales.



I use to check the availability of domain, registrar and registration record, date of purchase and date of expiration. There are various whois website out there, but this particular one is the second best I’ve ever used.


*Dynadot Whois

Dynadot whois is the best whois website I’ve ever used. It gives you every detail you need including the hour, minute and seconds of registration of a domain. It also updates “almost” instantly once a domain is registered.



I use to see if similar domain I intend to register are on sale on the platform. This is to avoid Conflicting outbounding of a similar domain.

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*NameBright Bulk Search

I use this website for bulk search of hundreds or thousands of domains to check their availability.


I’ll stop here. Part 2 of this post on some of the tools I regularly use will list and brief on more tools.

I hope you enjoy the read and can figure out some valuable tools from this post.


What are your most frequently used tools?


Take Care!


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