Some of The Things That Could Hinder Your Geo Sales: Part 3

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. This post is a continuation on Some of The Things That Could Hinder Your Geo Sales: Part 3

You can check the Part 1 and Part 2


1. This is only my perception. It is not a general reason and some people might not agree with my opinion.

2. You could not be doing all these and still not see a sale. In that regards, you should look elsewhere, always re-strategise and be patient.

3. I believe in God’s grace in this business. Whatever you do, if it’s not time for you to sell you will never sell. However, that doesn’t stop you from making sure that you do everything right. Wait for God’s grace to do the rest.


*Conflicting Outbound

This can occur if two or more people have the same name concurrently. There is a chance all of you could be outbounding to same endusers within the same timeframe. This is definitely a red flag as endusers will definitely perceive it as one of the regular spam or scam emails they receive. Example is if one domainer owns Austin/Car/Repair, another owns Austin/Car/Services and another owns AutoCare/Austin. Most of your endusers will be the same.

Always endeavour to check for similar domains for sale before registration. An exception can be when a similar domain is listed for 4 figures. There is a chance the owner will not be outbounding and would rather wait for inbound offer.


I’ll recommend this. Though some colleagues will say it doesn’t matter but to eliminate any thing that could hinder our sales, you should use registrars with privacy.

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PS: I’ve sold about 15 domains without registrar privacy (123reg registrar). So yeah! It may not matter, but just to be safe!

*Method of lead generation

I won’t talk much here. All I will say is I strongly recommend Google map and/or bing. As 100% of my sales are leads generated there!

Go the manual way!

I’ll stop here, next post will discuss more on Some of The Things That Could Hinder Your Geo Sales: part 3 especially when starting out. Enjoy the read!

What do you think? Let me know.

Take Care!


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  1. Thanks for the update boss…

  2. thanks boss for the great insight also can throw more light to the question i asked on part 2 about the right signature format thanks again for the great work you’re doing sir.

  3. Wa ‘alaykumus salaam. Thanks for this boss.

    What advice can you give? I’m a newbie and willing to only register domains with not less than 100 end users.

    What’s the least end user to start with?

  4. Thanks boss, can you through more light on how to check if simillar domain is registered already?

    1. The only method i know is to check to see if it’s listed. Another long process is to think of the domain’s alternative, then check it’s whois record

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