Some of The Things That Could Hinder Your Geo Sales: Part 2

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. This post is a continuation on Some of The Things That Could Hinder Your Geo Sales: Part 2



1. This is only my perception. It is not a general reason and some people might not agree with my opinion.

2. You could not be doing all these and still not see a sale. In that regards, you should look elsewhere, always re-strategise and be patient.

3. I believe in God’s grace in this business. Whatever you do, if it’s not time for you to sell you will never sell. However, that doesn’t stop you from making sure that you do everything right. Wait for God’s grace to do the rest.

*Insisting on Older domains

At anytime you have some batches of domains and you are not able to sell them, I’ll recommend you purchase more and allow those you have for some time. However, you can be following up for them once in a while or you can allow them some few months then do fresh outbound on them. It’s either they sell, or they expire and you renew, or you allow them to drop. Overall, don’t always insist on older domains, always find time to acquire new domains.


*Poor Sales Letter

I personally believe the grammars in our Sales letter plays a minimal role in our sales. However, all sales letters should include some important point regardless of the grammar or vocabulary it contains. These points include but not limited to;

  • It should contain clearly the domain name for sale. Check carefully for errors in spelling of the domain name.
  • It should state clearly that the domain is for sale.
  • It should include clearly the link or method the buyer should follow in acquiring the domain. If you are including link, always test to make sure it resolves to the appropriate landing page.
  • Preferably, it should include clearly the price of the domain (especially for Geo Domains).
  • It should include clearly your signature. Include name, Business name and a foreign phone number if available.
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*Slow Reply

I see no point in deliberately delaying responding to an enduser especially when he ask for price or counter your offer. Some will delay for an hour or two saying they are trying to be professional. Well, to me responding as fast as possible is what I consider professional.

Some endusers probably have only that time to discuss with you. Delay for 30minutes or more and you will probably never hear from them again. And when they come back to see your reply, they probably may not be interested in replying again.

Strike the iron while it’s hot!


I’ll stop here, next post will discuss more on Some of The Things That Could Hinder Your Geo Sales: part 2 especially when starting out. Enjoy the read!

What do you think? Let me know.

Take Care!


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  1. Kudos ✌️

  2. Strike the iron while it is hot…..

  3. thanks boss pls i want you to deliberate more on the right format for a signature.

    1. Mine contains

      Company name
      Position in the company
      Foreign number

  4. I do not have a business name, what do you suggest is best I do?

  5. Baba you too much, more grace bro

  6. Boss, please would you mind sharing those sale letters that have the features u listed above. THANKS

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