Questions and Answers: March Review

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. I got some inquiry about how the month of March has been going for me, to which I responded – by the grace of God – I was able to sell 15 domains (now 16) while registering just 19 names in the month of March. Series of questions followed my response which I wish to share in this post titled “Questions and Answers: March Review”.

*Which niche did you sell the most in the month of March?

It’s the law niche, 4 out of the 16 sold domains were law. 3 out of the 4 were Probate law (My most sold law sub-niche).


*How many domains have you worked on this month?

I’ve worked on 15 out of the 19 new names I’ve purchased.


*How many emails do you use to work?

I contact an average of 105 leads (60-150).

Also, I work with 10 separate emails.


*How many did you sell out of your March purchase?

Seven (7). The remaining 9 are from previous months.


*Did you Upsell any?

No. I don’t usually have success with upselling.


*You have a good STR. How?

I’m very critical of purchase. Very. So I end up buying a few. So I try to sell as many before buying more. However, for others, it’s more about the game of numbers.


*Manual Outbound or Automatic?

Manual all the way!


*Your follow-up interval?

The minimum is 3 days for the first follow-up. Most times with price reduction, sometimes without reduction.


*Hand Reg or ED?

The last time I checked ED for geos was about 5 months ago. I prefer coining my names, doing research on them, and picking the ones that meet my criteria.

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*Do you sell more from follow-up or initial outbound?

Follow-up is the key.


*Your best criteria in picking names?

*Good niche.
*Quality end-users (not how many I can see, buy how many related and relevant).

*I don’t take “similar names listed for sale (particularly in” for granted. I cannot be shooting myself in the foot.
I cannot buy Renovations when remodeling is listed for the same city. I cannot buy criminal law when Defense is listed for the same city. So many other examples.

*I don’t have any preferred city. Once I see end-users, that’s all.


*Does your most sales come from state names or city? And how many “words” do consider when picking names?

City. 3 words are my normal.


*Between Buy Now and Sending leads, which one have you used the most?

I like sending leads. I’ve sold far more names on Dan using leads.


*Please how hard do you work? And what does “working hard” means in domaining?

Well, relatively I don’t work much (that’s compared to what I hear on how others work).
There is someone I know that works on 20-40 new domains per month.

I don’t think I can work on 20 New names per month even when I’m completely free, with School I can’t work on even 10 names per month. However, I find follow-ups much easier.


*You sold a lot of coined names vs the ones you got from ED. Is this as a result of you buying more coines names than the other? Or just the fact that coined names sell more on a general note.

It’s as a result of buying more coined names.

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*How do one spot new trending services?

Most times from previous sales reports on Nairaland. Then from “Domains u just missed” on Dan.


I’ll stop here on “Questions and Answers: March Review”. Probably I’ll make another post on the questions I’ve been asked in the comments of previous posts. In the meantime, you can check the comments, I’ve responded to most of the questions.

More sales to us all!


Take care!


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  1. Wow……real wow
    You’re an inspiration to us all

  2. Hi bro, fergusen here. Congratulations on your sales.
    About the 10 separate emails you work with, are they all gmails?

    Pls shed some light on your email closing. Is it still thesame as you posted on NL months back?


    1. Yes, they are all Gmail.
      By email closing I suppose you mean signature?

      Foreign Number

  3. aisab

    how do you receive your domains cash bank transfer or btc .thanks

  4. Honestly, this is really motivating, thank you. Even though am less than one month in this biz, You ignited a spark within me, and I believe we can all also achieve this!!! Please, can’t you post few of the names you sold, I don’t know if it just me but looking at names that got sold kind of give me greater insight into this biz.

  5. Congratulations once again,please how do you scale through when asked for domain stats on coined names, especially with no history ?


    1. Ikhalyfah I need an answer to this too.


  6. Salama bro,
    I asked this question in your last post but somehow it did not go through.

    When you are contacting leads for attorneys/Lawyers, do you use Google or the directory that usually brings out their names/firm. I noticed when I send mails through their email address found on their website, the mails hardly get delivered unlike other domain niches I send to

  7. Congrats Ikhalyfah.
    May Allah make it easy for us.

  8. You have just taught us Dom301 – Introduction to advance spraining.

    May your grace continue

  9. Congrats on your sales.
    Please can you explain more on what “quality end-users” mean.

    1. Endusers directly related to ur domain name both in service they provide and their location

  10. Assalamu Alaykum,
    Pls, how many mail do send per day on gmail account and do send your mail manually or you use software to send it.

    1. I have gmail that can take 500 a day.
      But in a Normal account, i send between 50-70

  11. Such an eyes opening post

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