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Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. I’ve received several questions in the comment section across various posts, although I’ve replied most of them, but it seems the individuals that asked the questions are not being notified. This post titled “Questions and Answers From the Comment Section” will look into some of these questions.


Q: If I may ask, what’s your success rate on Expireddomains and coined names?

A: I’ve sold more coined names than names picked from ED. This is because I register more coined names.


Q: On the average, how many hours do you put into domaining each day?

A: During holidays, I normally work from 2PM NG time to 8-9PM. However, within that period I usually take break.

With School, I work only when I’m free.


Q: Names sold on GD auction are they brandables or Geo? What’s the success rate of Geo on GD auction?

A: Most of the names are geos, but this month I sold a brandable .co for $400 on GD auction.

I don’t use GoDaddy auction alot but I’ve sold over 12 domains there.


Q: Please i want you to deliberate more on the right format for a signature.

A: This is what I use;


*Company name and position

*Foreign number


Q: What’s the least end user to start with?

A: I’ve sold with only one targeted enduser, sometimes 2-3. But normally, for a typical geo name, I target a minimum of 60 relevant endusers. Although I’ve sold a typical geo with 15,25,35 endusers.


Q: Can you shed more light on how to check if simillar domain is registered already?

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A: The only method i know is to check to see if it’s listed. Another long process is to think of the domain’s possible alternatives, then check it’s whois record.


Q: Where do you sort out their contact details (Lawyers) apart from Google. Do you make use of directory such as

A: I use only Google map for all my law names. I’ve not tried justia or any directory, but might be worth it.


Q: If i may ask how many domain do you outbound per week?

A: Of recent, I Outbound 3-5 new names per week if I’m on holiday. With School, i can go the whole week without outbounding any new name. However, I can follow up on 5-10 names a day.


Q: What are the possible information to arm ourselves with if an end user requests a call?

A: I just call and listen to what they have to say. If they ask for some kind of stats, I’ll tell them I’ll call them back, I’ll gather the info I can and call them back to present it.


Q: Concerning the Google map you mentioned, please how do you contact or get emails of those with no website on Google Maps?

A: I always skip them.


Q: About the 10 separate emails you work with, are they all gmails?

A: Yes. All Gmail


Q: Please can you explain more on what “quality end-users” mean?

A: Endusers directly related to ur domain name both in service they provide and their location.

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Q: Please, how many mail do send per day on gmail account and do send your mail manually or you use software to send it?

A: I have gmail that can take 500 a day.
In other accounts, i send between 50-70 per day.


I’ll stop here. Subsequent posts on “Questions and Answers From the Comment Section” will address more questions. More sales to us all!


Take Care!


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  1. Hello! When searching for law related leads, do you go extra mile to find their personal mails on Linkedin or you send to just the mail you found on their websites?

  2. You are very good. Keep it up

  3. Wow! Great content. Thanks for sharing!

  4. On some website there mail addresses looking like this info@………..dotcom which I believe 99% of them are inactive. What means do you find around this? Or do you just go on and send to the address like that?

  5. How do you price your Geo domains on godaddy auction? since auction prices normally should be wholesale prices

  6. Hello aisadomain,

    Thanks for the update. Please how do I know the capacity of my Gmail per day when sending emails

  7. Good content. Keep it up man

  8. Weldon bro….how do you get almost 60 end users, the highest I’ve gotten is 20 something on bing and Yelp….. anytime I try using Google map, I do get another city end users

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