Questions and Answers From the Comment Section 2

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. I’ve received several questions in the comment section across various posts, although I’ve replied most of them, but it seems the individuals that asked the questions are not being notified. This post titled “Questions and Answers From the Comment Section 2” will look into some of these questions. Check out the Part one here.

Some of my sold Domain names

Richardson Attorney. Com

Roofing Contractor LA .com

Toledo Family Law Attorney. Com

Montreal Towing Service .com

Arvada Property management .com

Property managers Charlotte. Com

Q: When searching for law related leads, do you go extra mile to find their personal mails on Linkedin or you send to just the mail you found on their websites?

A: I check for their personal emails on their websites. If I can’t find it, I send to the email address I can find.

Some of my sold domain names

Mesa pool and spa

North Dakota Marketing Agency

South Carolina Drone services

Oval view .com


Q: On some website there mail addresses looking like this info@………..dotcom which I believe 99% of them are inactive. What means do you find around this? Or do you just go on and send to the address like that?

A: I won’t say those email addresses are inactive. In fact I’ve had a significant amount of sales from info@ mails and similar emails. So I don’t hesitate to send to such type of addresses.


Q: How do you price your Geo domains on godaddy auction? since auction prices normally should be wholesale prices.

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A: It’s not a must for GD Auction prices to be wholesale prices. You can fix whatever price you want. So I fix reasonable geo price on my geo domains.

Some of my sold Domain names

Home inspector Charlotte

Fort worth crane service

Calabasas limousines

Burbank limousines

Louisville Probate Attorney


Q: Please how do I know the capacity of my Gmail per day when sending emails?

A: You monitor the email. At the first few months of Outbound, I limit my emails to 50 on a new gmail. Then after some months (maybe 3 months) I increase to 80 maximum. I make sure I limit at 100 even if the Gmail is more than a year old.


Q: Please how do you scale through when asked for domain stats on coined names, especially with no history?

A: If at all I cannot find any convincing stat, I make sure I explain to the enduser that we do not keep stat as we only buy and sell. Along the line, I emphasize on the importance of owing a local geo domain.


Q: Please, post few of the names you sold.


Some of my sold Domain names

CBD legal firm

Albany limousine

Albuquerque limousine

Dentist Norwalk

Bethesda Business Lawyer

Detroit security company


I’ll stop here. Subsequent posts on “Questions and Answers From the Comment Section 2” will address more questions. More sales to us all!

Take Care!


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