What I do when I receive a “we are not interested” response from an Enduser?

In 90% of the cases, I do nothing.

10% of the cases I reply with a short message;

Is it the price? We can find something that works for both of us. Let me know what you think.


In 6% (out of the 10% of my response), I do not get a reply from them again. In 3% (out of the remaining 4%) , they respond by emphasizing that they are just not interested.

In the remaining 1% they make a lower offer and we seal the deal!



  1. Responding is not worth the effort since only estimated 1% of the cases it results in a sale from my experience.
  2. Even if you wish to respond, make it very short, rather than the long “sweet” message we usually send. Making it longer will likely result in the enduser not reading any subsequent message you send since they indicated they are not interested. So save yourself some time.
  3. You have to be willing to reduce your price if at all they respond with a lower offer.
  4. In number, I have gotten about 4-5 sales from a “not interested” response after opening space for lower offer (usually $250-$100)

Note: The figures and percentage above are not exact. They are only rough estimate from my experience.


Let me know if responding to a “not interested” has yielded you some sales.


Take care!


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  1. That’s awesome boss am still waiting for my first Sale ooo

    1. Keep hope. It’s on it’s way!

  2. Never…. Outbounding isn’t easy bro

    1. I agree it is not easy. We can all relate. Lol

  3. Nice piece of info.

  4. As a personal principle, I jst thank the prospective end user and move on.
    Good to see an alternative, but the results above are not encouraging though

    1. I agree they are not encouraging. But in terms of domain sold, I’ve sold 6.7% of my domains using this method. (Total number of domain sold is below 80)

  5. Thanks Boss, it’s quit educative,

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