My Personal Experience With Various Endusers: Part 1

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. Trust we are all doing fine. In this post (and subsequent serial posts), I’ll be sharing my personal experience with various endusers: part 1 along my domaining journey, how I was able to converse with them and if the deal closed or collapsed.

To make it a short and interesting read, I will be taking them in parts (series), you can check out the other series here. Enjoy the read! And I hope you will find one or two things that will interest you and add to your learning.

End User 1

This Enduser replied me after around the 2nd follow up that the domain is not really related to his service, however, if I can get one related to his service, he can consider. I asked him to explain his service to me, didn’t expect him to reply me but he did, explaining fully what he does. I said okay I’ll get back to him with some domains. After I’ve made some research and came up with about 3 domains, just before buying, I contacted him again to make sure he will buy. That was when the ghosting mode started, I kept on following for few days (without registering nor revealing the Domains to him), all in vain.

I was particularly happy I didn’t register those 3 domains. Till today, I didn’t hear from him again.


End User 2

This enduser replied my email after re-outbounding for the domain that the Covid has affected the dentist business hence he can’t afford my $325 asking price. I said okay what is his best offer, he replied $150. So I replied considering the economy, I’ll accept, adjusted  price and sent him the link, he didn’t complete payment. After 24 hours I sent him lead, no show. I replied his email with reminders, in vain. After few days of reminders I let him be.

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End User 3

After first email, he replied he will not be interested at that price, I asked what is his best offer, we met at half my initial price and he paid the next day.


End User 4

This enduser replied after my 2nd follow up that he is still waiting for me to reduce price to his budget, but he however went ahead to submit offer via, I accepted and he paid about 48hours later


End User 5

This enduser didn’t reply me till around the 6th follow up. I followed up this long because I really trust the name and believe it will eventually sell. He replied he is interested but if I can still reduce something out of the price. I reduced 10$ and he paid the next day.


End User 6

This enduser simply replied with “$150 offer”, after my 2nd follow up. Till today I haven’t heard from him, it was almost as if he was a ghost.


There are more enduser Experience I can share, however, I’ll continue in the next part.

You can share some memorable enduser Experience with us in the comment section below.


Take care!



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  1. Some of my end users used to ask “how much”, ” what’s is the price” , “would like to know its price” and went mute most of the time. But last last, we either smile to the bank or we move unto next. Nice post keep up the good job.

    1. To avoid the how much question, I always add price.
      We move

    2. Reduce price. That is my own definition of follow up

  2. I’m curious to know what you do when you outbound with price but they don’t respond, do you reduce price in subsequent email or you just ask them to make offer ?

  3. Do you give room for endusers to make their best offer in your sales letter?


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