My Outbound Strategy: What I Do

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. This post will brief on my outbound strategy.

First, regarding outbound, we have to deal with the no-reply frustration, we went knocking at end user’s door, it’s left for them to either open it or not.
The easiest way to sell a Geo domain is outbound, in fact we can say it’s the only way. Hence, you keep on outbounding no matter what, else your domains will die with you.
At the same time, we have to respect the end users, I mean, how many of us usually open a cold email to read? Talk more of attempting a purchase. So, kudos to those buyers.

So since we can deduct the easiest way to sell Geo is outbound, then what you will do is to have outbound strategy.

The few strategies i know (and use) are:

* First, in order to sell, you have to buy what to sell. In this context, I’m saying buy a good domain with high number of end users. Personally i consider nothing less than 20 users. (Though I settle for less in some cases)

* Try to make your sales letter very brief.

* You should use a good subject, it could be the keywords of the Domain, or simply NOTIFICATION.

* Try as much to target the decision maker in the company, if you can’t, or if it will consume your time, settle for the regular emails you meet.

* Check the current time in the city before sending emails to them. I target from 9am to 1pm of the city’s time. In another case, from 5pm to 9pm. It gives a faster response, or at least there is high chance your email would be opened at that time.

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* Use realistic price. Yes! Some can argue that we are under pricing our domains, but in most scenario you barely see someone following up with a higher price to make a sale, you follow up with a reduced price and get a sale. Hence as far as your ROI is good (which in most cases it is) then you can sell for reduced price.
I repeat, use realistic price.

You can rather target $1k with multiple sales than waiting to get $1k with one sale, this could mean you will never see a sale, especially with the type of domains we buy here.

* Always follow up, sometimes with a reduced price, sometimes with the same price you used initially! Send first Follow up after 3-5 business days.

* It’s not necessary you outbound on weekends. You can take a break, or use the time to source for leads. However, I use some Saturdays to follow up, and Sunday for a break.

* If you are replied with not interested, reduce the price and offer the person again, or tell him to make offer, sometimes that land in a sale, most times they don’t reply again, so you move on. Read more on this here

*Don’t depend too much on those that will say they will get back to you, continue looking for other buyers, at the same time following up to that person.

*Reply emails as fast as you can, this shows some professionalism. Some will say it shows you are desperate, but I do not agree with that. If I’m communicating with you, I would love if you replied early.

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* Use a consistent name, throughout your outbound, follow up, and that same name should appear in your Dan account. Or at least get a company name to use.

*Have a nice but not too long signature.

I’ll stop here. You can comment some regarding your outbound strategy that has been working for you.

Take Care!


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  1. What do you use as the name of your email. The name the enduser sees in their inbox?

    1. I use my company name “Aisab Domains”. Which of course endusers see in my signature.
      So make sure all the names connect *smile*

  2. Adding price to sales letter.
    Does it make any difference?

    1. I believe it does significantly. My next post I’ll talk on that.

  3. Hi bro. Congratulations on your sales.
    1. Currently do you use Gmail for outbound or custom email?

    2. What is your typical follow up template like? Is it the popular

    ” I know you’re interested but not okay bla bla
    For the next Xhour you can get it bla bla bla?”

    3. If no reply the first time, do you reduce price in your second follow up? Or you start reducing prices from the 3rd?

    4. Do you include links in your mail? I feel Endusers might not want to click the marketplace link..

    1. 1. Gmail
      2. Yes, it is
      3. I reduce in 1st, but very small, maybe 5-15$
      4.i do include, but without the https

      1. How do you send emails using Gmail without being ban and how much messages do you send in one day?

        1. I believe i send just over 100/account/day

  4. Do you only follow up on weekends

    1. I follow up anyday of the week except Sunday

  5. Hello Sir your Drone related domain do you outband them to only Drone related services or photographers. Thank

  6. Hello Sir, Your Drone domains do you outbound them to only drone related services in thag particular city or photographers?

  7. Great job boss.Thanks for this awesome tips

  8. please how do you get leads from Google map and facebook

  9. Please, there are some occasions where one is able to get like three or four email from a website.

    Is it advisable, we send the mail to all the three or four Email or single out one.

    1. I send to all. Except if i sense they are all going to the same person

  10. Hello Ikahlyfah,
    Great content sir.
    I have a question.
    I followed one of you input on the NL thread about calling an end-user,I would like to know the questions you were asked by the End-user so as to prepare,an end user asked me to call him today.

    1. Most likely they will ask;
      Who u are and your business.
      Why they need the domain
      If they can it it in their GoDaddy
      How the can redirect
      Monthly visits

      1. How do you answer that first question: who are you and your business?

  11. How do you extract your emails ?

    Do you extract all emails from Google map and start sending later or you just make use of google map and start sending immediately ?

      1. Thanks.

        Which Search do you mostly use ?

        1: Google or Bing ?

        2: Assuming you encounter those sites that doesn’t have emails listed in their contacts and Facebook ?

        Whats the best option ?

        1. 1. Google
          2. If no means to contact them, I move to the next website

  12. Great post again. Thanks.

    When you say keep your sales letter brief, like how brief are we talking about here? 100 words max or 500 words max? Kindly give an estimate number of words.

  13. Can you send me your sales letter

    How can I configure my mail signature

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