My First Domain Sale!

I’ll like to share a personal buying and selling experience of the first domain I sold.

When I started I didn’t have much capital so I was on the lookout for promos. A standard domain fee is $9 on average but I was able to register for between $1 to $3 on promos.

The first domain I sold was 7th domain I registered was for $2 at Directnic registry. When I purchased this domain, I didn’t know exactly what I saw in the name. If I was to see it available today, I would probably have skipped it. Three weeks later I decided to outbound some of the domains, one of which is the, after outbound, 2 hours later I got a reply from a USA Lawyer that he is willing to purchase for $125 ( a domain i purchased for $2, about 3 hours later he paid and deal was sealed! That was how I recorded my first sale!



  1. Do not give up on the domains you own.
  2.  Advisably wait for promos to show up if you started very new, that will help you to save a lot of money while spending more time to learn.
  3.  Buy good names, sell for a good profit. Do not get greedy, at least until you become more established.

These are some few advice for those starting out recently. Hopefully you will have your first sale soon (if you haven’t made), or make alot more sales. Keep pushing and as long as you are in the business and doing things right, you will make decent profit.

Thank you for reading.

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You can comment your first acquisition and first sale and price if you may be comfortable with that.

Take care!


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  1. Great post

  2. Nice one bro

  3. Wonderful

  4. Nice one boss

  5. Love it baba God no go shame us,I am still waiting for my first sale and this ur article gives me motivation to get the sale before this August ending. Cudos man.

    1. All the best. God’s willing before August ends!

  6. Nice one bro, keep it up… Good one.

  7. Nice one bro, keep it coming

  8. Nice one bro, post like this keep those of us that haven’t made our first sales faith alive.

  9. Nice post. Keep keeping on!

  10. In your portfolio what is the ratio of your freshly hand reg to expired name?

    1. Maybe 1:3 (ED picked: handreg)

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