It’s not always smooth…

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello, it’s been a long time, trust everyone is okay. Since school resumed in January, I didn’t have much time to update this blog and since then alot has happened. This post will highlight on domaining (particularly Geo Domaining) is not always smooth. Therefore, don’t expect it to be, rather prepare for its roughness.


How does selling everyday sounds to you? Great right? But to save yourself some unnecessary stress, never expect to sell everyday no matter how prepared you think you are. Domaining, just like everything in life, has it’s challenges, it doesn’t always favour you. You will come across periods of drought. Don’t let that period discourage you, rather use that period to become better.

What do you do when in drought?

Sometimes you need to do absolutely nothing, but to remain patient and keep working the way you always do. In 3rd week March of  2021, I had a target of making $1000 within the week, however, I made only $100. Did I hesitate? No! I knew this was only one of the inevitable moments in domaining, I didn’t create unnecessary stress upon myself, and I kept doing things the way I do. In the 4th week, I made that $1000 and extra $25 in THE FIRST DAY.

Sometimes, what you need to do is check your strategy. Take some break (preferably the weekend) and highlight on where you could be lacking. If you can spot it, try to find the appropriate way to rectify.

To sell regularly, you need to buy more quality names. However, always emphasize on the quality over the quantity. I’m holding just about 130 geo domains and I thank God I’ve been doing fine with an average of 9 sales per month in 2021 .

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This post is just a quick reminder that it’s not always smooth. This month it may be great and next month not really. Just remain grateful, patient and optimistic.

For more details on what I do in a period of drought, check this post.

I hope you remain strong, optimistic and patient. Enjoy!


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  1. 9 sales per month. Wow!
    Nice one bro!

  2. Salam aleykum bro. Nice Post as always. Totally unrelated to this post, but I know you have had success with attorney/lawyer domains. I have a few and I noticed that my emails hardly get into their inbox compared to other domains I have sold.

    Where do you sort out their contact details apart from Google. Do you make use of directory such as thanks

    1. I use only Google map for all my law names. I’ve not tried justia or any directory, but might be worth it

  3. Cool. More sales

    Been trying to contact you for awhile now.

    I’ve got a question, would appreciate if you got back to me

  4. 9 domain sales per month,if i may ask how many domain do you outbound per week

    1. I Outbound 2-3 new names per week if I’m on holiday. With School, i can go the whole week without outbounding any new name.
      However,i can follow up on 5-10 names a day.

  5. As a medical student, how do you combine this online business with your studies?
    I’m a 100level nursing student and I can’t combine anything with my studies.
    Could be because of how the stress is in this first year though.

    You are a source of encouragement to me, I believe I will finish reading that thread after this session ends so that I will venture into domaining like you.

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