I have sold 20 Attorney/Law related domains in the last 13 months. But what could have made that figure relatively high?

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello.

My last post mentioned my first domain sold which was a law related domain. If you missed it you can Read here.

Since then, I’ve sold more. Hence, I personally considered the niche to be my favourite. But that did not make me go on a registration spree for law domains, I only buy the ones I really like. There are particular sub niche I target, and some I avoid. So what could be the reason for these sales in this niche unlike any other niche?

1. God’s grace. I always attribute all my sales to God’s favor.

2. One good way to reach endusers is through their personal emails rather than company email. The lawyers tend to include their personal emails in their websites or Facebook pages.

3. I contact all possible leads: Usually in a particular law site, you will see many lawyers and each with his email. I do not contact just one of them (or the boss/CEO, or whatever he may be called). You wouldn’t know who would respond on behalf of the firm. I have experienced someone other than the Boss responding and sealing deal.


I usually get questions asking for the sales Letter I use for the attorney niche. The truth is I don’t have any special letter. I use same letter for every domain. No customized letter for a particular niche.

Also, in this context, I treat both attorney and lawyer as the same. Probably there could be a difference in the services they offer (I don’t know really), but in terms of domains, I don’t look into that when I want to purchase.

I hope this helps in one way or the other.

PS: Always remember to follow up!


Take care!


How is your experience with law niche? Do let me know.


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  1. Still waiting to make my first sale

    1. Keep on believing. Trust me, as far as you are still in the business and don’t give up, your sale is around the corner!
      Goodluck and congratulations in advance.
      Ps: i trust you are talking about law domains, even that too, keep following up with the few you have. Add more when you see good ones.

      1. Yea.. First sale on law domains

  2. Nice insight bro, I sent you a mail earlier on today concerning the second to last paragraph of your post,now I have been clarified! Kudoos boss

  3. My experience is just the opposite of yours, I dont know if I registered bad law domains or I am not just lucky, but I would love to sell in that niche

    1. With your capacity, I trust they are good. *Smile*.
      Keep adding more law once in a while if you have the fund. Keep following up.

  4. Nice one bro!

    What sub-niches are your favourite. And is there a favourite state you target their cities?

    1. I personally like; Family law, probate and bankruptcy. Regarding cities, I like to target 100-150k+ regardless of state.


  5. Can you drop a sample letter of your Attorney based domain names

    1. I mentioned I don’t have a customized letter for them. I use the general Letter I use for all domains

  6. Thanks man

  7. do you manually outbound or you scrap mails to outbound to ?

  8. Assalamualaikum Khalyfah, what’s your take on the ‘criminalAttorney’ sub niche?
    would you mind sharing the sub-niches you avoid?


    1. Wa’alaykassalam. I think the Ideal name is Criminal law attorney. So i would target the full ideal name.
      I try to avoid niches like Immigration, copyright, tax and co.

  9. Please sir,insight into how you google search or Facebook search to get a website with many lawyer details

    1. Maybe a post will be dedicated for this.

  10. Please what’s ur view on Assault Lawyer ? Thanks

    1. I have not done them before.

  11. Please, do you prefer “probate attorney” to “estate attorney” domain ? The two have something in common but what’s the ideal name that fits the sub niche?

    1. I prefer Probate, it’s shorter, because the ideal name for Estate is EstatePlanning.

      1. Thanks for your insight! I appreciate

  12. Have you ever sold any real estate attorney before…been considering out bounding to them

    1. Yes, sold 2 real estate attorney

  13. Great thread I must say. can you give alternative to textplus. Looking at Google Voice but not certain. Need a professional and experienced advise.

    1. Hi, you can check out Dingtone, it’s paid.
      Subsequently, I may be writing a post about them.

  14. I have carcollisionattorney// king
    What’s it prospect?

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