How I Check For Geo Domain Variations

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello! Trust we are all doing fine. This post titled “How I check for Geo domain variations” will briefly discuss on geo variations, why I avoid them, how I search for them and the exceptions I make. This will include pictorial illustrations.

What are they?

Geo domain variations are simply similar domains owned by different sellers at the same period of time, which gives a very high chance of contacting same set of endusers at the same time. I personally believe owing variations by different sellers is one of the factors that can hinder sales. However, this is not entirely true. Exception can be;

*If the sellers have source of leads that differ significantly.

*Although the sellers own the domain at the same time, they contact them at different times. Eg. First seller outbound during the first 3 months of acquisition, 2nd seller contact during the next 3 months, 3rd seller outbound during the next 3 months, etc..

Typical example of Geo variation;


Why I avoid them?

1. To avoid the below response.

This was the firstĀ outbound I did for the domain name.

2. Knowing that you are probably the only seller contacting the endusers gives you more confidence to effectively outbound the domain name and consequently increase your chances of sale.

3. It hinders the sale of a better variation.

4. It makes the endusers lose trust in the entire process.


How I search for variations

Although, there are various marketplaces to sell geo domains, however, the marketplaces that makes it possible to search for variations are Dan and Afternic. I do not bother checking on Afternic because I assume afternic sellers do not outbound their names (this is not always true). This means I only check for variations.

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The first screenshot shows how I check for variation using the domain name keywords.

There is a high chance all these sellers may be contacting the same set of users, especially if they use a similar lead source. I avoid such type of names.


The search for variations can get tricky for names that have a popular abbreviation, eg LA, SD, LV, NY etc.

The screen shot below shows a search on LA domain name, you will end up getting a high number of domains using the search term “LA custom” (For the domain name LACustomeHomes and similar names), however, most of the names are unrelated.

To restrict the search, include additional keyword (Home in this case). To further restrict the search, you can adjust the filter to; .com only, Max price of $699, etc.

The screenshot below shows a variation for Las Vegas name, in a case where you do not see a variation for Las Vegas, don’t forget to further search for LV (Same with Newyork ‘NY,NYC’, San Diego ‘SD’ etc)

The Stats

A quick survey on my sold domains in August, 2021;

Out of 19 sold names (14 at Dan, 2 at afternic, 2 at Epik, 1 private sale);

*Only 6 have variations listed at Dan (4/6 have only one variation, 1/6 with 2 variations, and 1/6 with more than 2 variations)

* In 4/6 of them, I registered mine after the variations where taken, however, I believe I went ahead to register because the names are listed at higher prices,. 699, 650 etc, among other factors.

Please note that in many instances I go ahead to register a domain despite seeing variations listed at, but this is because the names meet some criteria that grants them an exception.

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I’ll stop here on this post titledĀ “How I check for Geo domain variations”. The next post will be a continuation, and it will discuss on the exceptions I make while buying a domain with variations.

Take care!

Updated: September 5, 2021 — 12:39 pm


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  2. Great piece though images are blured with andriod device

  3. Wow, boss how much do you make an average in a month?

  4. Good morning, this is very insightful.
    One of the challenges we are facing with geo domains now is variation and i think more effort put in research (just as you have highlighted) will bring out good result in a long-run.

    Do you have some particular cities/States you avoid in you research for domains?


  5. Hi bro, pls where can we see the option on Dan marketplace.

  6. Hi, bro. I just finished reading some of the great content you have here and would like to ask a couple of questions, please:

    1. I read that most of your follow-ups were with price reduction. By how much do you reduce prices? You may use your average price to explain this.

    2. You also wrote that you sold more by sending leads, compared to Buy Now. Does it mean that most of your sales were due to price reductions?

    Thanks in anticipation of your reply.

  7. What is the exact time domain drop in

    1. Sometimes 19:00 most times 20:00

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