How Do I Respond When An End user Request For A Domain Analytics

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. This post will brief on how do I respond when an end user request for a domain analytics.

I’ve gotten quite a number of questions from fellow Geo domainers on how I handle such questions. Although, I do not regularly face this question, however, the few times I was asked, I was able to answer. Some led to a sale, in other times the end user never replied.

I’ll post the questions I was asked and the replies I gave.

First Instance;

End user Response:


Good Morning.

We are very interested.

Would you give us some type of stats

  1. On incoming calls?
  2. And the type of calls
  3. How long have you had the number?



You can see above, the questions do not entirely make sense. It could be an indication that the end user is not entirely sure of what you are trying to sell to him. Therefore, it’s now my responsibility to educate him, and being as brief as possible (I do not like sending long emails to end users).

(Above is why I’m always against insulting our end users even within ourselves. It’s not easy receiving all these emails when you did not request for it and even worse, when they are not sure why you are contacting them, consider their harsh response. It’s part of the business)


My Respose:

Good Morning (NAME)

Below is the requested stat for this domain name:

  1. It has a search volume of 40. (See attachment for proof).
  2. It is ranked “easy” for SEO, this means when you forward it to your current website, it will assist in ranking your website on search engines.
  3. The domain was first registered since 2011. (See attachment for proof)

I will be glad to answer your questions if you have more. Do let me know what you think.




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  • First attachment was obtained from “Neil Patel Uber Suggest Keyword Overview”
  • Second Attachment was obtained from
  • You can see I didn’t ask what he meant by “number”, “incoming calls” and all. It’s part of the outbound skills you should gain- ability to respond in any situation.
  • You can also see that my response is as short as his question. No need for long stories so as not to further complicate issues for the enduser.
  • The domain was picked from
  • This response led to a sale of $399.
  • Please only use this method if you are sure the domain has all these metrics.
  • My sales letter didn’t include that the domain has metrics. So when we see end users asking people for analytics, don’t conclude the domainer made mention of analytics in his sales letter.


Second Instance;

End User Response #1:

What will be my google rating? Will I show up first on google?

My Response:

Google rating is based on customer rating. To increase customer rating, you can acquire a keyword domain like this one for more exposure. Regarding showing up on first page, it requires a search Engine optimization.

End User Response #2:

So if I buy the domain name, does it automatically come up on Google first and how do I get SEO?

My Response:

It doesn’t come up “Automatically”. The domain being an exact match of your service gives you authority over competitors once a proper SEO is applied. Regarding getting SEO, any SEOptimizer can do that for you.



  • Notice my short responses (this communication occurred through text message)
  • The domain is coined, so no Archive history, therefore I made another approach different from the previous domain, giving emphasis on the keywords rather than the SEO
  • It led to a sale.
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There are other questions I have faced, however, my approach in responding depends on either the domain was picked from ED (therefore having some kind of history), or coined by myself.

Note: You can respond and still not get a response, or end user will still say they are not interested. Don’t feel bad, keep moving!

I hope you enjoy the read and learned one or two things.

Do let me know how you respond when an end user request for a domain analytics.

Take Care!

Updated: September 24, 2020 — 12:40 pm


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