Featuring BeckPlanet: “One of Nigeria’s Brandable Domain investor”: Part 1

Here is some appraisal (and advice) given to me by one of our brandable investor, known as Beckplanet. The write-up is modified to be a Q and A session, and it will be made in parts. This post is labelled part 1.
Enjoy the read!
(Note: the whole discussion occurred over a period of time, not at a single email exchange).
(Q will represent iKhalyfah, A will represent BeckPlanet)


Q: Aside NamePros, what other vital forum/site can I visit to get brandable information?

A: Nairaland, TLDInvestors.com, DNGeek.com, Domaining.com, etc.


Q:  I’ve been researching this name XR/River/com (yet to register). I’ve Searched on XR and River individually, XR seems a good upcoming niche to invest in, and a good keyword with good sales according to Namebio record. Similarly, river has been a good suffix with steady sale (MoneyRiver, EventRiver, JewelRiver, TechRiver etc) Please what’s your take on the name?

A: XR and River don’t connect, as XR meaning “extended reality” is more or less a medical related term than pure tech. Also, the double “r” in between is also not good for word combination. That’s my sincere opinion.

Ikhalyfah’s verdict on the above reply:
From NamePros reported sale, I barely see a reported XR sale.
If there is anything I learnt from your reply, they are;
1. XR is rather medical related than Pure tech, (honestly, I always consider it as pure tech).
2. Avoid letter repetition when combining two words (xRRiver in this case).
3. Every suffix has a 1st word that suits it the most, eg Green+River will definitely be better than XR+River (although some other unrelated ‘word’+River have sold).
(Note: The name (XrRiver.com) is still available for registration as at the time of this post).


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Q: Please what can you say about the name Cannabeum.com (yet to be registered).
(What I can say about it is: Canna/cannabis is definitely a hot keyword/niche. -eum from my search is a decent suffix- Cannab/eum).

A: Cannabeum nice name but somehow I feel it sounds like “Cannabium” which is how people might hear it when it is pronounced. Although I do agree with you that that “eum” is a keyword suffix. With one of the more relatable examples being from the word “ethereum”. Also some chemical elements have that suffix as well, However “Beum” is what forms the suffix on cannabeum not “Eum” and that is where it might get confusing using it as a brand.
(Note: The name (Cannabeum) is still available for registration as at the time of this post).

Join me for more of this post. Hope you enjoyed it and learned a few things from it like I did.
Appreciation to BeckPlanet for his time.
Take Care!


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  1. Really nice to learn from two great veterans.
    Following all the posts regularly and also learning from it.
    Just started my brandable journey not quite long,hope to learn more from this forum

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Keep coming for more updates.
      PS; maybe you mean one great veteran. Lol

  2. I really learn a lot from this, keep the good job going, we re following.

  3. Nice one

  4. You are doing well bro. Thanks to Beckplanet for always being there for us. God will reward HIM.

  5. Nice post
    Waiting for more informative post

  6. Wow that’s was a great interview boss I learnt something from it.although am a newbie trying to grasp the domain industry this will be worthwhile thanks again pls keep the update flowing we gat ur back.🙏🙏🙏

  7. Nice and very informative. Keep it up boss.

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