Changing My Strategy: What Should I Check?

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. In my previous post I mentioned changing strategy in period of drought. This post titled “Changing My Strategy: What Should I Check?” will highlight on what to check and rectify in a period of drought.

What should I check?

  • Check the quality of names you purchase. This is very vital! I won’t emphasize much here but overall you should target a good service/product and popular/populous cities.
  • Check your lead source. If you have been using one or two sources without results, maybe take some weeks to try out other sources. Some of the lead sources are; Google, Google map, bing, duckduckgo, YP, Yelp, etc. It’s worthy of mention that roughly 98% of my sales have been from Google map leads.
  • Check your follow up frequency. Follow up is the key. One of the ideal follow up frequency is two emails a week.
  • Check your sales letter. This series on sales letter will give you more insight on what your initial letter should contain. Also get a list of good follow up letter.
  • Check your pricing. It is good to aim high, but going high require a process and step. Nobody started from the top, they had to build a ladder to reach there. Therefore, use reasonable pricing for your geo domains. $499-$399 for starting.
  • Check your Outbound timing. If you usually Outbound in the afternoon/evening USA time, maybe you should try them in the morning? And vice versa.
  • Get a US or foreign number endusers can reach you. I’ve closed a lot of sales via phone call this year.
  • Reasonably buy more domains. Don’t dwell on those old domains. Give them time, then reoutbound them some other time.
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I’ll stop here on “Changing My Strategy: What Should I Check?”. Hope you overcome those droughts! More sales to us all!


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  1. Nice one bro.
    What are the possible information to arm ourselves with if an end user requests a call?

    1. I just call and listen to what they have to say. If they ask for some kind of stats, I’ll tell them I’ll call them back, I’ll gather the info I can and call them back to present it

  2. Bro concerning the Google map you mentioned, please how do you contact or get emails of those with no website on Google Maps?

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