As a Brandable Domain Student

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. As a Brandable Domain student, I want to share some of the information I have gathered. I love discussing on brandables because discussion is one of the ways to gain more knowledge from other people’s perspective, and to reassure yourself you may be learning the right thing.

In this post, I’ll be discussing some of my selection criteria, how I perceive a two keyword brandables work, giving reference to some of my brandable names as example.


Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be a general guideline for brand names selection. It’s only my own ideology I’m sharing. And please note that I’m not a Brandable guru. I’ve sold quite a few brandables but the highest selling price is mid $$$, therefore take note that I’ve not sold enough brandables to be giving a professional advice on brandables. This is only my experience.

Let’s start…

Generally (from the information I’ve gathered), I divide brandable domains into 4:

  • Two keyword domains eg. Face/Book, Burger/King
  • Two keyword blend eg Insta/gram, Tele/gram etc
  • One word with an obvious root word and a suffix eg Giftoni, Earnivy, Loftiva etc
  • Invented/Generic eg Zukavo, Zavera, Povoxo etc

I started out with point number 3, i.e One keyword with an obvious root word + suffix, however, later realized I fancy two keyword domains, hence I shifted my attention to them.

Some of my purchase on one word+ suffix are;

  • Hub/izo (live at SH)
  • Gift/oni (live at alter)
  • Chop/vy (live at SH)
  • Docuvio (live at SH)
  • Virtfy (live at SH)
  • Sociavue (live at SH)
  • Clean/sta (live at SH)

It’s good to focus on one category of brandables when you are starting out, you can later diversify after learning the ropes in one category. This will allow you learn better.

Since I shifted my attention to two keywords brandables, I’ve learnt alot, primarily from following Keith DeBoer’s blog and podcast.

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So what is my selection criteria for two keywords domains?

1. The two keywords should be a top tier keywords

For example, Health/Stack, both keywords are great, however, currently you will not see such types of domains available, and all the ones expiring go into auctions and are sold for low to high $$$. So in this regards, I have to compromise. I target top tier or 2nd tier keyword + a low tier keyword. Either the first or second keyword can be the superior keyword.

Examples of domains I own and classify in this category are;

  • Viva//Heal (live at SH): Heal is a good keyword, Viva is a complimentary keyword.
  • Neural//Square (live at SH): Neural (neuro) is a good keyword, Square is in an interior tier to neural.
  • Tutor//Tiger (live at SH): Tutor is currently a good keyword due to distance, remote or online learning caused by the pandemic. Tiger is one of the strong animal keywords that complement a first word. Other good animal keywords include; Fox, Chimp, Hawk, Ox, Bull, Falcon, Panda etc
  • Agro//Tactics (live at SH): Agro is a good keyword, Tactics is a good complimentary keyword.

Note: Categorising the keywords into top and low tier is something subjective. What I perceive as top might be considered low to someone else.

2. If possible, the two keywords should have some type of alliteration

Alliteration makes the domain more memorable. eg Pay//Pal

The alliteration can be at the beginning (Pay//Pal) or at the end (Stack//Pack)

However, you will hardly see a two decent keyword domains with alliteration available for registration. Some can be available on drop even if the keywords are not top tier. I own;

  • Tutor//Tiger
  • Retro//Remedy
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3. The shorter the better

The minimum length I target is 12 characters. Sometimes it can go up to 14.

Almost all my brandable domains are between 5-12 characters.

Some 5L;

  • Zav//yo (live at SH)
  • Zob//vi (live at SH)
  • Ev//orv (live at SH)

Some 6L;

  • Virtfy (live at SH)
  • Chop//vy (live at SH)

Some 7L;

  • Docuvio (live a SH)
  • Giftoni (live at Alter)

Some 8L;

  • Brew//Loft (live at SH)
  • Ask//Swift (live at SH)
  • Nexa//Sync (live at SH)
  • Chow//Cube (live at Alter)

Some 9L

  • Date//Swipe (live at SH)
  • Investvio

Some 10L

  • Talent//Dive (live at SH)
  • Skill//Glove(live at SH)

Some 11L

  • Hello//Pirate (live at SH)

Some 12L

  • Neural//Square (live at SH)


I’ll stop here. Subsequent post will continue to discuss my journey as a brandable domain student and my selection criteria for two keyword brandables.

I hope you enjoy the read and learn somethings.

Please brandable gurus and any person (as a brandable domain student) can comment some more information that they wish to share, current any mistakes I might have made and provide any general rule they might have come across.

Take care!


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