As a Brandable Domain Student: Part 3 and My Recent Brandable Domains Acquisition

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. As a Brandable Domain student, I want to share some of the information I have gathered. I love discussing on brandables because discussion is one of the ways to gain more knowledge from other people’s perspective, and to reassure yourself you may be learning the right thing.

This post is the continuation of the Part 1 and part 2

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be a general guideline for brand names selection. It’s only my own ideology I’m sharing. And please note that I’m not a Brandable guru. I’ve sold quite a few brandables but the highest selling price is mid $$$, therefore take note that I’ve not sold enough brandables to be giving a professional advice on brandables. This is only my experience.

Let’s continue on my criteria for selection of two keywords brandables…

6. Keywords shouldn’t be too narrow

While trying to point out obvious application for the domain, the domain shouldn’t be too narrow. For example; Giant//Echo can be used in music industry, however, it’s not limited. It can be used for an Entertainment group, Music Website and app, recording app etc.

Also, Nexa//Secure is obviously a security brand. However, it can be used in various aspects like Cyber security, antivirus software, malware defence, home security.

Crypto//Dept is an example of a domain that can be classified as narrow.

Pod//Cast is another example.


7. Expand your brandable keyword vocabulary

You can do this by going through a lot of brandable domain in a certain niche, reading a lot of brandable articles and listening to brandable discussion.

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  • Hive, Den, Corner, street, loft, avenue, cove, St, Ave, lane, etc can be in a similar category. (Brew//Lane, Brew//Corner, Brew//Street, Brew//Cove etc, can be a brandable name for a brewery, Bar, Coffee Shop.
  • Lush, Ella, Bloom, Bella, Flair, Adore, Lux, Luxe, Decor, etc can fall in Design, Fashion, Beauty, cosmetics category
  • Recruit, Hire, Career etc all in Recruitment/Job industry
  • Bloom, oil, Herb, Organic, Hemp, Canna, Pura, Pure etc all in cannabis industry
  • And many other examples that can be discovered through studying

My Recent Brandable acquisition;

  • Clean//Eden; 3 syllables, 9L, Clean is a trending keyword, Eden is a supporting keyword which means Garden, Home. Ideal For Garden, Cleaning and Sanitation.
  • FundingTrend; 3 syllables, 12L, Fund is a good keyword, Trend is a good keyword. Ideal for Venture capital, investment, finance, analysis and statistics, loan and banking
  • Slim//Cove; 2 syllables, 8L, Slimming and diet/nutrition industry is a good one. Ideal for Diet and nutrition, Body care.
  • Lush//Diary; 3 syllables, 9L, Lush is a popular keyword in fashion industry. Ideal for Fashion, clothing line, entertainment and fashion shows.
  • Recruit//Den; 3 syllables, 10L, Recruit is a trending keyword, Den indicates a place, location, etc. Ideal for Recruitment and Staffing agency.

I’ll stop here. Subsequent post will continue to discuss my journey as a brandable domain student and my selection criteria for two keyword brandables.

I hope you enjoy the read and learn somethings.

Take Care!


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  1. Nice and detailed post Ikhalyfah. Just read from the first edition.
    If possible, could you please help with the list of top tier keywords? GEO domains have not been working for me lately. I really need to start acquiring brandable domains.

  2. Nice tips what do you think about Fund/Bow 🏹

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