As a Brandable Domain Student: Part 2

Assalamu Alaykum and Hello. As a Brandable Domain student, I want to share some of the information I have gathered. I love discussing on brandables because discussion is one of the ways to gain more knowledge from other people’s perspective, and to reassure yourself you may be learning the right thing.

This post is the continuation of the Part 1


Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be a general guideline for brand names selection. It’s only my own ideology I’m sharing. And please note that I’m not a Brandable guru. I’ve sold quite a few brandables but the highest selling price is mid $$$, therefore take note that I’ve not sold enough brandables to be giving a professional advice on brandables. This is only my experience.

Let’s continue on my criteria for selection of two keywords brandables…

4. The less the syllables, the shorter it sounds

One syllable keyword is better than the two, which is better than three, and so on. (If the keyword strength is NOT taken into consideration).

For example;

  • Slack with one syllable sounds way shorter than MedPro with two syllables (despite the fact that the character differs by only one)
  • Giant//Echo with three syllables sounds way longer than Brew//Loft with two (despite the fact that the character differs by only one)
  • Oak//Tip with two syllables sounds shorter than Wi//xo//mi with three (despite both having 6 characters)

Below is an analysis from Squadhelp, we can see the lower the syllables, the higher the views (and hence possible purchase).


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5. The keywords should have obvious application

If at all you will need to explain the possible Business application of the domain, then I believe it’s not a good domain.

For example;

  • Tutor//Tiger: any brandable investor will know the obvious usage for this domain. (Online learning platform, test preparation app, remote learning, etc)
  • Giant//Echo: the word echo relates to sound, Giant is a supporting keyword to indicate might, strength, big etc. (Music app, entertainment group, online streaming etc)
  • Nexa//Secure: nexa is recent popular suffix. (Cyber security, home security, anti virus malware defence etc)

I’ll stop here. Subsequent post will continue to discuss my journey as a brandable domain student and my selection criteria for two keyword brandables.

I hope you enjoy the read and learn somethings.

Can you comment some obvious usage for the following domains;

  • Rare//Chef
  • Noble//Scout
  • Recruit//Den
  • Hey//Strive
  • Soft//Flirt

Take care!


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  1. Food related
    Recruiting agency or job
    ….. still thinking 😅
    …… still thinking 😅
    Dating site

    Hope i got some right😄

    1. 1. Correct
      2. Correct
      3. From the Keyword”Recruit” an obvious Recruiting and staffing agency
      4. Life coaching, motivational, start up incubator, consulting agency
      5. correct

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