About Us

Assalamu Alaikum and Hello.

Welcome to Aisab Domains official website. This website is currently managed by myself (ikhalyfah), owner- AisabDomains.

I’m a medical student in one of Nigeria’s public federal universities and a technology amateur who have tried few computer and online related activities over the past five years, I finally settled for domaining and wish to diversify in the near future.

Although I am not certified, a professional nor an expert, I like to see myself as a domain enthusiast, domain flipper and analyst. I started domain investment in July 2019, and I can say the journey has been memorable and interesting.

I will be sharing my journey from different aspect in this industry. I’ll be coming to update this blog regularly. Stay with me.

Thanks and best regards,

ikhalyfah (Khalyfah Aisab)

CEO, Aisab Domains